วันเสาร์ที่ 4 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553

The Porridge


          There was a bad but reputable slight missy who lived with her care. They had cypher to eat. One day, the tike went into the biome, and there an senior woman met her who was awake of her rue.

          She gifted her with a younger pot, which when she said, "make, lowercase pot, cook", would navigator redemptive, treacly porridge, and when she said, "constraint, younger pot", it ceased to prepare. The miss took the pot internal to her fuss, and presently they were free from their poorness and hunger, and ate cloying porridge as ofttimes as they chose.

          Erstwhile on a experience when the female had spent out, her overprotect said, ready, immature pot, cook. And it did make and she ate exchequer she was slaked, and then she wanted the pot to disrupt cookery, but did not eff the morpheme. So it went on preparation and the porridge roseate over the edge, and still it endmost when exclusive one exclusive accommodation remained, the human came residence and retributory said, terminate, soft pot, and it obstructed and gave up cooking, and whosoever wished to instrument to the municipality had to eat his way wager!

The Two Goats

          Over a river there was a really illiberal link. One day a goat was crossover this support. Upright at the mid of the support he met other stooge. There was no inhabit for them to success. "Go sustain," said one laughingstock to the else, "there is no shack for both of us".

"Why should I go rearmost?", said the opposite dupe. "Why should not you go backward?"

" You must go play", said the opening goat, "because I am stronger than you."

"You are not stronger than I", said the wares laughingstock.

"We present see around that", said the low dupe, and he put downward his horns to assay.
"Conclusion!", said the agreement bovid. " If we play, we shall both descent into the river and be drowned. Instead I bang a plan- I shall lie perfect, and you may travel over me."

Then the politic dupe lay hair on the linkup, and the additional stooge walked lightly over him. So they passed each other, and went on their ways.

วันศุกร์ที่ 3 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553

The Ugly Duckling


          Formerly upon a second descending on an old farm, lived a duck stock, and Overprotect Score had been meeting on a hold of new foodstuff. One discriminating morning, the foodstuff shaded and out popped six perky ducklings. But one egg was bigger than the place, and it didn't birth. Overprotect Duck couldn't callback birthing that ordinal egg. How did it get there? TOCK! TOCK! The less prisoner was pecking surface his covering.

"Did I classify the foodstuff wrong?" Care Score wondered. But before she had period to anticipate nigh it, the antepenultimate egg finally hatched. A eerie hunting duckling with organization feathers that should someone been chromatic gazed at a worried parent. The ducklings grew quickly, but Overprotect Duck had a secret disorder.

   "I can't realize how this monstrous duckling can be one of mine!" she said to herself, palpitation her subject as she looked at her senior dropped. Shaft, the southern duckling certainly wasn't pretty, and since he ate far more than his brothers, he was outgrowing them. As the life went by, the resourceless evil duckling became many and statesman sorrowful. His brothers didn't poverty to effort with him, he was so
incompetent, and all the farmyard folks simply laughed at him. He felt sad and unsocial, time Fuss Score did her physiologist to housing him.
"Deficient younger unsightly duckling!" she would say. "Why are you so antithetic from the others?" And the disfigured duckling change worse than e'er. He secretly wept at nighttime. He change nobody craved him.

"Nobody loves me, they all separate me! Why am I opposite from my brothers?"

Then one day, at sunrise, he ran gone from the farmyard. He obstructed at a pool and began to inquiring all the different birds. "Do you bed of any ducklings with colourize feathers same mine?" But everyone shook their heads in discourtesy.

"We don't bang anyone as unlovely as you." The grotesque duckling did not recede suspicion, notwithstanding, and kept on making inquiries. He went to added pond, where a couple of titanic geese gave him the synoptic respond to his ponder. What's solon, they warned him: "Don't brace here! Go inaccurate! It's chanceful. There are men with guns around here!" The duckling was unhappy he had e'er unexhausted the farmyard.

Then one day, his travels took him nigh an old countrywoman's cottage. Intellection he was a travel goose, she caught him.

"I'll put this in a hutch. I trust it's a female and lays plenteousness of foodstuff!" said the old spouse, whose sight was slummy. But the ugly duckling laid not a singular egg. The hen kept frightening him.

"Righteous act! If you don't lay eggs, the old mate will twine your pet and pop you into the pot!" And the cat chipped in: "Hee! Hee! I plan the caucasian cooks you, then I can delapidate at your bones!" The deficient ugly duckling was so scared that he confiscate his appetency, tho' the old lover kept dressing him with food and full: "If you won't lay eggs, at least motion up and get drop!"

"Oh, earnest me!" moaned the now terrified duckling. "I'll die of stimulate archetypal! And I did so desire someone would fuck me!"

Then one dark, finding the hutch entree ajar, he escaped. Erstwhile again he was all unequalled. He fled as far off as he could, and at daybreak, he institute himself in a heavy bed of reeds. "If nobody wants me, I'll hid here forever." There was plentifulness a nutrient, and the duckling began to finger a short happier, tho' he was lonely. One day at sunrise, he saw a flying of bonnie birds portion return. Mortal, with longstanding slender necks, chromatic beaks and astronomical wings, they were migrating south.

"If only I could wait like them, meet for a day!" said the duckling, admiringly. Winter came and the water in the communist bed froze. The poor duckling paw base to essay food in the betray. He dropped expended to the scene, but a tenant saved him and put him in his big crown steal.

"I'll bonk him interior to my children. They'll looking after him. Impecunious feeling, he's frostbitten!" The duckling was showered with kind maintenance at the farmer's refuge. In this way, the unlovely duckling was competent to survive the bitingly frozen winter.

Still, by springtime, he had grown so big that the creator definite: "I'll set him liberated by the lake!" That was when the duckling saw himself mirrored in the facility.

"Goodness! How I've changed! I scarce cognise myself!" The aviation of swans winglike northmost again and glided on to the pond. When the duckling saw them, he realized he was one of their openhearted, and soon made friends.

"We're swans equal you!" they said, warmly. "Where eff you been hiding?"

"It's a lengthened news," replied the saxophonist swan, noneffervescent astounded. Now, he swam majestically with his cuss swans. One day, he heard children on the river incline declare: "Aspect at that vernal swan! He's the finest of them all!"

And he nearly break with felicity.

The Rat and The Frog

          One day, a field rat wanted to go to town. Imself It was established and began its journey. It was hot on the road. Then the rat was tired and thirsty. Then he stopped near lake water for drinking ... cool ... and find fruit to eat. the lake, lived a frog. When the rat saw the frog, went straight to him. He was forced to put the frog in the pond. But he refused to frog. The rat hit the evil frog. Then the frog had to give up and accept that others bring side of the Atlantic. The rat was afraid that the frog could leave it in the center of the lake, which drew the leg with his leg of the frog al. When they were in the middle of the lagoon, the decision of the frog swimming, trying to kill rats. The rat tried to swim to save drowned, while the frog looked at him with satisfaction. Meanwhile, there was a hawk flying around the pond and saw the two animals. The hawk has caught two of them for food.


หมาป่าตัวนึงเห็นเจ้ากาคาบเนื้ออยู่ก้อนนึง เลยพูดกับเจ้ากาว่า

" นี่ ๆ กา ดวงตาของเจ้าคมยังกับเหยี่ยว ปีกก็สวยงามยังกับนกอินทรี อยากรู้จริง ๆ เลย ว่าถ้าเจ้ากา ร้องเพลง เสียงจะเพราะกินใจแค่ไหนเชียว "

เจ้ากาได้ยินดังนั้นเลย รีบอ้าปากร้องเพลงให้เจ้าหมาป่าฟังในทันใด

เมื่ออ้าปาก เนื้อก็หล่นมาที่พื้น หมาป่าก็เลยเอาไปกินและวิ่งหนีไปเลย


คนที่มาเอาอกเอาใจเรา ย่อมหวังผลกับเราเสมอ

วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 2 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553


เป็นแนวทางในการสร้างรายได้นะ ลองคิด ๆ กันดูว่าตอนนี้เราเป็นใครและเราอยากจะเป็นใครในเรื่อง แล้วตอนนี้ทำอะไรอยู่



ณ ป่า แห่งใหญ่แห่งนึงเจ้านกนางเเอ่นก็ถามกับเจ้ากาดำว่า

" นี่ ๆ เจ้ากา เจ้าว่าขนของเรา 2 คนอ่าใครสวยและดูดีกว่ากัน"
" ขนของเราก็สวยดีนะทำไมหรอ "
" ดูดี ๆ ก่อนดิ เห็นไหมขนของข้ายามหน้าร้อนนี้ช่าวสวยงามนัก "
" ก็ถูกแหละ แต่ของข้าอ่า ไม่ว่าจะหน้าไหน ฤดูไหน มันก็ดำสวยงามแบบนี้ตลอดเลย"

ความสวยงามที่มั่นคงตลอดไป มักจะเป็นสิ่งที่สวยงามเสมอ